Water jet Marble Cuts – An Industrial Tool That Can Cut Tiles and Other Stone Materials

Water jet Marble Cuts - An Industrial Tool That Can Cut Tiles and Other Stone Materials

Waterjet marble cutting is becoming more widely used by many companies in the construction industry to provide the highest quality and most professional results on several products. The benefits of using high-pressure water jet machines are being recognized by a large number of industries. One of the largest precision machinery systems available today, waterjet cutting technology effectively allows a wide variety of industries to gain significant efficiency benefits and to achieve maximum productivity, while also being highly cost-effective and ecologically friendly. Waterjet technology not only offers unparalleled accuracy, but it is also highly durable and requires very little maintenance and cleaning time.

Benefits of waterjet marble cuts

Extremely fast:

One of the first benefits of a waterjet cutting machine is that it is extremely fast. The abrasive waterjet water jet cutting machine operates at a very fast speed, which allows the products to be produced to the specified standards required by the client very quickly. In addition, the speed of operation is maintained for long periods because the cutting blades do not require a cooling-off period during the actual process. Highly durable & reliable:

Another essential benefit of using this type of machinery is that it is highly durable and reliable. Although the waterjet system can withstand wear and tear, it is still susceptible to abrasive materials and sharp edges that can easily damage or cut the machine. Therefore, using a more robust, durable, and reliable machine is essential. 

Types of waterjet marble machines

Rotary waterjet machine

There are also two types of cutting machines that are useful in conjunction with waterjet systems. These are the rotary and the longitudinal cutting machines. The rotary waterjet machine is the most popular type of cutting machine and is capable of performing both radial and longitudinal cutting processes. The benefit of using the rotary machine is that it is capable of performing both straight and curved cuts and textured cuts. 

Longitudinal cutting machine:

The next type of waterjet machine that is useful for cutting tiles is the longitudinal cutting machine. This machine is a vertical excavator with an in-built electric motor that rotates the blades. When the waterjet machine is turned on, a column of water pushes up against the tile, and the blades then start cutting the tile. There are generally two types of cutters available in a waterjet machine; either continuous feed or rotary feed cutters. When using continuous feed cutters, the feed moves continuously, and the waterjet grinds through tile faster.

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