Get more visitors to your stand with these tips

Get more visitors to your stand with these tips

There are a lot of exhibitions in which you can take part to get your brand more exposure and for that you have to get a good stand made by the better exhibition stand builders Dubai. Thy will provide you options to choose the best stand which you need and which will help you in getting more people to your stand. But apart from getting good quality stalls from kiosk suppliers in Dubai, there are many other things that will attract people to your stand to know about them you have to keep reading:


You can offer sweets to people who will come to your stand and in his way they will be happy to come again and talk to you about your product and then they will show interest in buying that too. Along with sweets make sure that there will be always a person on the stand who is knowledgeable enough to answer the queries of the people who came to your stand.

Seasonal items:

When you are having a stand in an exhibition then you can go for a good décor or different items that will represent the season so people will be more inspired with your stand and come to you in order to see what you have in there. Your seasonal touches will be visible from very far and people will be inspired even though they do not know about what you have in there in your stand so keep your stand updated with some seasonal items like a mango man in summers or something tangy to represent winter.


You can have some amazing notebooks with your brand’s name or some branded colors and pattern on them and people will come to you just to take those notebooks for free. You have to get a good amount of these in your stand, you may think they are waste of money but you will soon see the result of this freebie in your company’s orders. If the exhibition is of more than one day then you should not take your entire notebook stall on first day rather you have to divide it in the number of days and then get them along with you so people on every day will get a chance to get their hands on your notebooks for free and you will get more people as your buyers after that exhibition ends.

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