Disadvantages of a workspace

Disadvantages of a workspace

Desk space London is a new and creative way to explore office options for people who are working as freelancers and entrepreneurs. Though there are several reasons why people choose shared workspace and it works perfectly for them, there are still some downfalls of this thing and why it may not work out for you


If you are successful in finding a place which does not cost a fortune then you have conquered the world of shared office spaces. But in other cases, for those people who are newly getting into the game of businesses and profits and losses on a daily basis maybe a bit concerned about the cost as their monthly revenue would decide if the investment was worth it. The shared office space itself is an investment which means that you will be gaining close to nothing. Sometimes when you are binded into a long term contract then there is no getting out except for completely using that membership, where as if you find the right kind of office space, you will simply be paying for the days that you work.


Even if your shared workspace is a lot quieter than your usual backyard, it will still be a bit distracting. Because if you see, an office is a place where you get your work done by any means and that could include taking with the project members and taking calls and making them. If these things distract you easily or you are the person doing those actions then you might need to keep yourself in check and the rules and regulations that apply to a place.


This is an essential part of work space because you are not going to be comfortable sharing a hot desk with a complete stranger in front of you who seems to keep making punching the enter in their keyboards. You will find a lot of people along the way from different backgrounds and ethics working on different positions which can help you in making out collaboration opportunities. But this all at the sam time can be very disturbing because your work will be neglecting in between chatting about which flavour of Lays is best and worse.

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